The Tenant's Guide to Renting a Property

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Viewing Properties

A Smith Melzack Agent will listen to your requirements and source properties.
We will make viewing appointments at a time that is suitable to you.

Found a property to rent - what do you need?

A contract, reference and credit check fee will arise at the start of the application process, please see the Tenants Fee Guide, these fees are non-refundable.
To start the process of acquiring a property to rent references will be required:

We at Smith Melzack will review the references and carry out a credit check. References and a credit check will be required for each prospective tenant over the age of 18 years.

Right to Rent Legislation

Section 22 of the Immigration Act 2014 requires all Landlords in England to carry out Right to Rent checks for new tenancies to determine whether occupiers aged 18 and over have the right to live in the UK legally. Smith Melzack will collect the relevant documents from the tenant and occupier; confirm the tenant's Right to Rent with the landlord and store copies of the documents in line with the regulations.

Where the initial check shows that a person has the right to be in the UK for a limited time, a follow up check must be made prior to the expiry date of the tenant's right to be in the UK, or 12 months after the original check

Acceptable documents include a UK passport, a permanent residence card, or a travel document showing indefinite leave to remain in the UK. The full list of documents can be found here:

If the follow up check shows that the person no longer has the right to be in the UK, the landlord must make a report to the Home Office using:

Passed the Credit Check, Right to Rent and References

What is a tenancy agreement?

Deposit Protection Scheme

Deposits are held by the Deposit Protection Scheme, unless landlords request otherwise. The landlord may place the deposit in the Deposit Protection in My Deposits and must provide evidence of the registration

Rental Payments

Rental payments are made by standing order. The tenant will receive the bank details of the landlord and is required by the tenancy agreement to make a monthly payment on a set date into the landlord's account as per the tenancy agreement.

Inventory/Check-In/Check out

Smith Melzack strongly advises landlords to carry out an Inventory and check-in prior to the new tenant moving into a property.
An inventory will consist of an independent contractor itemising contents, condition of the property and any fixtures and fittings there in, with photographs.
If a check-in is carried out this will act as an extra safe guard. The tenant at this point will agree the contents of the inventory and will be required to sign and keep a copy.
At the end of the tenancy, in a managed property the tenant and the agent will review the original inventory with a view to having the full deposit returned in the event of the property being returned in a reasonable condition. If the property is unmanaged then the check-out should occur between the landlord and the tenant.


We at Smith Melzack will normally give you the keys to your new home at the end of the check-in process or you will be invited to come to the office to the collect the keys.

Management of a Property

Where a property is managed by Smith Melzack, a Smith Melzack agent will carry out an inspection at least twice a year to ensure that the property is being maintained in accordance with the contract, but subject to reasonable wear and tear. The inspection will take place at an agreed time between the agent and the tenant.

Council Tax and Utilities

It is the tenant's responsibility to inform the utility companies that they are occupying the property at the start of the tenancy and to pay council tax to the local authority
Students are exempt from council tax but are still responsible for informing the local authority

Notice to terminate a tenancy

For Tenancy Fees, please Click Here

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