Living Room Staging Tips

If you plan on selling your home this year, it is vital that you present your home in an effective manner. We are pleased to say we have helped many vendors in Wembley stage their home with the intention of attracting a likely buyer. While every room has an important part to play in the sales process, not all rooms are equal. The living room is vital in attracting buyers, and Smith Melzack is here to provide you with living room staging tips.

The living room, alongside the kitchen, is considered to be the hub of family life. This is often the room where people come together and socialise, and it is the room potential buyers imagine themselves in when they think about the home. Therefore, it is essential vendors stage their living in the best manner.

Your suite creates a connection with buyers

The TV in the living room, and the sofa, are likely to be the main focal points for guests and potential buyers. When you want to create a positive impression, it makes sense to minimise the flaws or potential problems you face when dealing with clients.

If you have an old or outdated sofa, many potential buyers will form a negative impression of your home. A simple yet modern sofa creates a stylish feel and look, and this sets the tone for a buyer. With a welcoming couch, a buyer can picture themselves in the living room. This is the starting point in connecting with buyers.

You need to have a good standard of carpet

The carpet makes a difference when it comes to welcoming people to your home. If your carpet is of a poor standard, it leads to people thinking the rest of your home is also of a poor standard. Your carpet should be cleaned to a high standard, and it shouldn't detract from the room.

When it comes to connecting with buyers, a simple and understated carpet is likely to be of more benefit than a loud carpet.

Other things to consider when presenting your living room include:

Lighting matters in the home - it is essential you opt for smaller lights around the room, as opposed to opting for a single light in the middle of the room

Accessorise the living room - while you should present an understated presence to buyers in terms of decoration, there is a lot to be said for adding a dash of colour or a small piece of personality

Add some finishing touches - make sure there are neat finishing touches in place for when the buyer views the property or when photographs are taken

At Smith Melzack, we know selling your home is a challenging process. We have helped many Wembley vendors connect with buyers, and sell their home. We like to think we make a difference for our clients, and if you are looking to sell your Wembley home in 2020, get in touch. We can arrange a property valuation for you, and no matter what you need to sell your home, we can help.

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